Painting without an Image



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Message of Love

To a Soulmate, my connection with another being who
is enlightened and aware of the meaning to all life

Unintentional, without expectation, natural, truthful
in its creation, without prejudice, from our Souls.

Together, walking in alliance with each other, Loving
unconditionally, on a shared pathway to understanding

Where in the peacefulness of silence we can abide
gifting to each other illumination and knowledge.

Letting the Universal Consciousness experience it’s self
through all we create with hope, wisdom, and faithfulness.

Perfect Love, unfolds before us which ripples on
the oceans of awareness, washing the shores of ‘Now’

We experience feelings and emotions being intrinsically
human, and sharing loves beautiful physical intimacy

Free in our will for each other, to be ourselves and aware
of our differences, yet completely as One with the Creation

Sam, to my Soulmate
16th Feb 2014

Oceans of awareness

On the vast Ocean of conscious tranquillity, one stands at 
the shore, lost in wonder, at that which reflects the light of 
illumination, like the sun’s brilliance shared with the moon 
upon the little ripples that wash ashore gifting each loving 
creation we make from within our soul. 

I was slowly wandering along my path of life, Being that 
which I am, Now, learning at every step how beautiful this 
experience which I am creating, delivers to the universe of 
consciousness that which is Love unfolding back to me. 
There is an awaking which causes me to turn and see 

From yonder, another is barefoot, drifting slowly to me. 
I am filled with her soft radiance, a knowing enters us, 
together we were in search for both teacher and student. 
Now she stands beside me and without speaking we take 
each other’s hand, knowing we were nowhere, Now here. 

Our desire is for Enlightenment, and so we are gifted 
Universal awareness of and experience unconditional love. 
Love that is free will and a power that is always to heal 
We will to walk towards an unknown future, one for us 
to create in every moment, Hope filled with Joy as One. 

Sam … 23rd Oct 2013