Painting without an Image


I began writing twenty years ago when I started a Science Fiction novel, a love story with poetry. I wrote several poems for the book and for friends, they became a small collection of poems which I give away, it was these where my passion for poetry began.

They became a trilogy of love poems, the National library and Hocken Library in NZ has a copy of my first self publication Sam’s poems I.

Also I have written one which is titled Poèmes d’amour & Verset érotique. They contain love poems, spiritual poems and several short stories, and with my thoughts about life.

They are available as a PDF on request;


Two poems have been published in The Australia Times poetry magazine June 2016 and in a printed anthology published by  this year

I have been published in the Tuck online magazine in the US.

The poems can be viewed at


News October 2016 , my poem ‘Lost’ was awarded bronze, from twenty six submissions in a completion held by a member of The poem can be viewed on my authors page